Terms & Conditions



  1. Constitution

STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB London (“the Club”), a social and fitness facility situated at Ujima House, 4th Floor, 388 High Road, Wembley, HA9 6AR (“the Premises”) is owned by STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB.

  1. Acceptances as a Member
  1. The Club has absolute discretion upon whether to accept the application for membership of an applicant as a Member of STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB London. If an application for membership is accepted by the Club, membership shall commence upon the agreed start date. Upon acceptance, the Member shall be issued with a Membership Account personal to him/her and shall be entitled to all of the rights and privileges for which his/her application for membership has been accepted. Entry to the Club is gained on presentation of a valid membership key (by providing full name) at the Front Desk.
  2. Acceptance by the Club of an application for membership of STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB London shall constitute a binding contractual arrangement between the Club, the Manager and the Applicant upon the Terms and Conditions of membership.
  1. Limitation of liability

In consideration for STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB London accepting an application for membership of the Club, and for the applicant becoming and being a Member of the Club, the Member agrees that:

  1. None of the Club, the Company or their directors, employees or agents shall be liable for any loss, damage or theft of personal property belonging to the Member, guest of the Member occurring upon the Club’s premises.
  2. None of the Club, the Company or their directors, employees or agents shall be responsible for any death or injury, occurring upon the Club’s premises or as a result of the use of facilities, food, beverages, supplements and/or equipment provided by the Club, except to the extent that such death or personal injury arises from any negligent act or negligent omission of the Club, the Company or any agent or employee of the Club or the Company.
  1. Physical condition of Member

The Member warrants and represents that he/she is in good physical condition and that he/she is capable of engaging in food & supplementation programs and active or passive exercise and that such programs and exercise would not be detrimental to his/her health, safety, comfort or physical condition. If his/her physical condition changes this must be relayed to the Club’s manager.

  1. Assignment

Membership of STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB London is personal to the Member and cannot be assigned, transferred or otherwise disposed of. The Member shall not loan his/her membership key or permit it to be used by anyone but the Member.

  1. Membership


  1. Individual Membership is available subject to acceptance by STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB London and subject to the Member abiding by the terms and conditions of Membership and the Club Rules.
  2. Group Members shall be subject to the rules governing individual Members; and each Member is jointly and severally liable for the full contract value and any costs incurred as a result of obtaining payment.
  1. Joining fee and membership subscriptions
  1. All new applicants shall make an initial payment comprising of the appropriate joining fee and the subscription applicable at the time of acceptance as a Member of STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB London. The joining fee is a non-refundable payment entitling you to become a Member of the Club. It does not entitle you to the use of the Club’s facilities as these are covered under the subscription fee. At the time of joining Members must either complete the STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB London Direct Debit agreement and/or provide credit or debit card details. Irrespective of actual usage of the facilities or any change in the Members’ personal circumstances, ongoing membership subscriptions shall, when due, be payable by each Member and shall be debited from the nominated payment method. In the event of a membership expiring, additional joining fees and the current subscription fees will become payable if the previous Member wishes to rejoin.
  2. Membership subscriptions price may be increased by the Club at any time. The Club shall give the Member no less than thirty days’ notice prior to any such increase.
  3. If any part of the first twelve monthly membership subscription remains unpaid thirty days after the due date for payment, all monies owing to STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB London in accordance with the contractual agreement will become due immediately.
  4. Joining fees are applicable upon each term of the Short term membership options.
  1. Freezing of Membership
  1. Where a Member is unable to use any of the Club’s facilities, due to pregnancy or a medical condition or long-term travel, the Member can apply in writing to the Manager to have their membership frozen. The maximum amount of time a membership can be frozen within a 12 month period is 3 calendar months and all applications must be supported by a doctor’s letter, which must specify the required length of time they wish for their membership to be frozen. The minimum freezing term is one month. If a member wishes to reactivate before the first months freeze has lapsed then the month payment will be due. Please note that for monthly paying members, freezing will become effective from the date of the next direct debit payment. Once the membership has been frozen for the maximum amount of time then the Club will resume the membership subscription and unfreeze the membership. A freeze period does not affect the minimum number of direct debit payments you are due to make and any payments remaining at the time of the freeze will remain due and recommence on a monthly basis once the freeze period has been completed.
  2. Short term memberships cannot be frozen under any circumstances.
  3. Membership freezes must be actioned with at least 30 days notice and must be done by sending an email to info@stonebridgeboxingclub.org
  1. All Members are required to have a STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB London charge account. This facility enables Members to purchase goods and services throughout the Club without having to carry cash or credit cards. Details of a valid credit/debit must be provided at point of joining and any purchases will immediately be charged to that card.
  2. STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB London account statements can be obtained by contacting reception who will email it upon request. It is the Member’s responsibility to check these statements and to notify the Club of any changes to the nominated payment method.
  1. Termination and cancellation of membership
  1. STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB London may reprimand, suspend or expel any member without assigning any reason for doing so if, in their opinion, the conduct of the member is or has been likely to be injurious to the character or interests of the Club. No appeal whatsoever shall lie from the Proprietor’s decision nor shall any member or guest have any claim or remedy whatsoever against STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB or any director or employee in respect of any such matter.
  2. A Member paying by monthly subscriptions is not entitled to cancel their membership during the initial period of the membership contract. The only exceptions to this are for relocation more than 15 miles from the facility on receipt of a bank statement or utility bill; long term (over 3 month) injury or illness in the written opinion of a doctor or suitably qualified medical professional; Redundancy on receipt of appropriate written proof from an employer or Pregnancy on receipt of written proof.
  3. After the initial period, a Member may cancel membership by giving one calendar month’s notice in writing to the Club. The management reserves the right to collect any sums outstanding by Direct Debit or by charging the nominated debit or credit card.
  4. Memberships that have been paid in advance are not eligible for any refund.
  5. Upon cancellation of membership, any monies owed to the Club relating to subscriptions or STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB London accounts will automatically be charged to the Member via their nominated debit or credit card.
  1. STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB Personal Coaching / Training appointments

Members must provide 48 hours’ notice when cancelling or re-arranging appointments for treatments and 24 hours notice for personal training. If a Member fails to attend an appointment without providing the stated notice, the Club reserves the right to charge the full cost of that service.

  1. General
  1. Fraudulent or wrongful information given in order to obtain a discounted membership will result in the cancellation of all membership rights and any action deemed appropriate by the Club. Membership fees will not be refunded.
  2. In the event of any default of the Member, the Club may disclose personal particulars contained in the membership agreement to a credit reference agency or any other party necessary in obtaining settlement of arrears.
  3. If through circumstances beyond the control of the Club, STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB London is unable to provide the full range of services as advertised, the Member shall remain liable for all fees relating to the subscription and other services provided.
  4. The Club retains the right to vary, add or eliminate any of the particular services and facilities provided, including the class timetable and class instructors.
  5. Only Personal Trainers from STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB may be used at the Club.
  6. Members are not to engage the services of any employee or independent contractor for use outside the Club without the prior approval of the Club’s Managing Director.
  7. The Company cannot accept responsibility for any loss, damage or theft of personal property belonging to a Member, treatment centre client, or any Guest of a Member, occurring upon the Club’s premises.
  8. STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB reserves the right to remove any articles left in day lockers overnight. Items recovered from lockers may be collected from the front desk for up to seven days after removal. STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB will not be responsible for any contents removed from any locker.
  9. All lost property will be recorded and kept in a secure place. Personal items including clothes, shoes, club equipment and toiletries will be stored for a minimum of 7 days and valuable items including phones, jewellery, and watches will be stored for a minimum of 1 month. After this time items will be donated to charity. Underwear will not be kept.
  10. Appropriate footwear and athletic attire must be worn at all times when using STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB’s member’s facilities. Jeans, boots, flip flops/ sandals are not allowed while using STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB’s facilities.
  11. Except with the written consent of the Managing Director, no Member or guest, shall take or give photographs/film footage or the address of the Club in any advertisement or use the STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB’s name or likeness for any business or commercial purposes whatsoever.
  12. The Club reserves the right to use any photographs/film footage taken by STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB of a Member or guest in the Club for its own material (website, newsletter, brochures, advertising etc).
  13. Closed Circuit Television with Digital Recording in operation throughout the Club. Images are being monitored for the purpose of crime prevention and public safety.
  14. Regular maintenance of the Club shall take place, which may require complete or partial closure of facilities. The Club shall not refund or compensate for such closures.
  1. Credit/Debit card
  1. I authorise STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB to charge the monthly amount for the membership selected in application. Payments will be taken monthly through to the credit card or debit card provided.
  2. I authorise STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB to use these details to debit my card for any additional services I purchase from the club.
  3. I agree to pay for this purchase in accordance with the issuing bank cardholder agreement.
  1. Privacy Statement
  1. All personal information which you provide through the STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB Website will only be held and used in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), tailored by the Data Protection Act 2018, including the eight Data Protection Principles of good information handling. The principles require data to be: fairly and lawfully processed; accurate and kept up to date; adequate; relevant and not excessive; kept no longer than necessary; processed in accordance with the rights of data subjects; held securely; and not transferred to countries without adequate protection. The personal information which you provide through the STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB Website is collected, stored and processed by STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB. STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB is committed to ensuring the privacy of your information. We understand that the privacy of your information is very important to you. We are careful about the information we ask you to provide and only use your information to process orders and to provide you with notifications of special offers which may be of interest to you. We have set out below details of the information we will collect about you, how we ensure the security of your information and how we will use your information.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We may change this privacy policy from time to time. Each time you use the STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB Website you agree that the privacy policy current at that time shall apply to all data we hold about you.

What personal information do we collect?

We only collect personal information that is knowingly and voluntarily given. Generally, this occurs when you register your details, change your details, place or amend an order, contact us or provide us with feedback. When enquiring or registering with us, we need to collect a variety of information including:

  1. your email address for communication. We will also need your email address if you have given us permission to contact you about your enquiry, your membership of STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB, services and opportunities;
  2. your address for delivery/identification purposes. Your telephone number in the event of a problem of any kind, as we may need to contact you quickly. Please note that if you provide us with someone else’s telephone number (e.g. to arrange a delivery) you must ensure that you have their permission to do so.
  3. We automatically collect information each time you use the website. The information obtained in this way, which may include purchasing history.
  4. Information in aggregate form is used to: build our understanding of customer habits, interests and requirements; build marketing profiles; help with the strategic development of the STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB Website and reservation/delivery service; track usage of the STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB Website.


The STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB Website utilises Google Analytics to accumulate usage and performance metrics. Google Analytics uses cookies.

You have a right to access the information that STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB holds about you

You can request a copy of the personal information held by us and to have any inaccuracies corrected. STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB may make a charge for providing these details to you. We will request proof of identity before processing such a request. Please make any requests for information to STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB at the address below. If you wish to access any personal information held about you by STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB you will need to contact STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB directly at the address below.

How we store your personal information

The STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB Website uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology that provides 128-bit encryption on your information before it is sent to us. This means only our secure servers can read your information. The STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB Website adhere to strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information, which you have given us, to prevent unauthorised access or improper use. Our security procedures mean that we may occasionally request proof of identity before we are able to disclose sensitive information to you. We have a strict internal policy, which members of staff must comply with as a condition of employment and no external access to the system is permitted.

How we use your personal information

Your personal information is used to enable the STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB to: contact you, administer your account, verify your identity; deal with queries; process orders; to help STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB provide the best possible service. The STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB Website stores your data on a trusted third-party system. STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB will make no further use of your information.
Disclosing information STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB will not pass your information to any third parties if you have told us not to.

Updating your personal information

You are able to change the details you gave us when registering by clicking on ‘My Account’ (or similarly named feature). You can change your name, phone number, email address, password, debit/credit card and other details.

We may pass on some general statistical information about our customers, sales figures, traffic patterns and related matters to reputable third parties, but these details will not include any personally identifying information. We may also disclose information about you if required to do so by law.


By using the STONEBRIDGE BOXING CLUB Website, you consent to the use of your personal data in the manner set out in this privacy policy.


Stonebridge Boxing Club is a registered charity in England and Wales (No.1136707). Affiliates: England Boxing | Team Sauerland | Blackstone Sports Management

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